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Asheville Affiliates are Changing It Up

The Asheville Affiliates are getting a new face! The Asheville Affiliates are working to rebrand their organization. Not only are they redesigning their logo, they also relaunched a new website. The new website will offer ticket sales and  is geared towards promote each upcoming event. The Asheville affiliates brand  and website was designed by Dena Rutter Design and developed by ZeroZen Design.

People’s Choice for Asheville Affiliates 2014 Event

The Affiliates also have a great year planned for 2014! This year they will be throwing four parties  for the four selected Asheville Non-profits. Three of the four parties have been selected, but the last party is up to you, the people. You can only vote once!  Share the poll with your friends and show your support! Asheville Music School, NC Stage Company, T.H.E. Center for Disordered Eating of Western North Carolina and Western North Carolina Green Building Council are the four non profits that you can cast a vote for.

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